CERLAC, Caribbean

Island of Eleuthra, The Bahamas I Photo courtesy of Charlotte Henay


From its earliest days, Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) at York has been organically linked to the Latin American and Caribbean community in Toronto and Canada, effectively establishing York as Canada's premier academic hub for research and social involvement in Latin America and the Caribbean. This reputation continues to attract students from throughout the Americas to York.

CERLAC fellows are committed to providing an advanced interdisciplinary education on the LAC region for York University students at all levels. Through their undergraduate teaching and graduate supervision and mentorship, they have played a key role in shaping Canada's distinct LACS tradition by forming multiple generations of Canadian LAC scholars.

Led by CERLAC fellows, the undergraduate Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor is housed in the International Development Studies program and is grounded in a strong interdisciplinary faculty of area specialists. The program allows students interested in the Latin American and Caribbean region to pursue a minor through the International Development Studies program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. The minor offers introductory core courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies as well as other introductory and upper-level courses in Development Studies and other departments. The core courses introduce and develop interdisciplinary perspectives on the region while integrating knowledge on the region obtained in other courses. CERLAC's presence offers undergraduates taking a minor in LACS with the possibility to access to a wide variety of events related to the LAC region as well as a dynamic LAC research culture.

CERLAC certifies graduate student LACS scholarship through its Graduate Diploma. Under the supervision of a CERLAC fellow, students in the diploma program pursue both breadth and depth of knowledge of the LAC region through regular coursework, participation in CERLAC activities, and original research. Many students gain opportunities for research and publication through participation in fellows' research projects. CERLAC also supports graduate student fieldwork and career development by facilitating linkages with universities, NGOs, and other institutions in the region, and by granting awards and prizes for student research.

CERLAC Graduate Diploma Program in LACS Studies

Prizes and Grants