Thinking About Independence - A Conversation with Author Cecil Foster (Postponed)

March 4, 2015 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Vanier College, Room 135

Final Cecil Foster PosterAbout the Book: Independence is the rich, deeply moving story of the coming of age of a country and a boy, at the time of Barbados's independence from Britain in 1966. Fourteen-year-olds Christopher Lucas and Stephanie King have been neighbours and best friends since they were born a few months apart. They have been raised by their impoverished grandmothers since their mothers went "over 'n' away" to the U.S. and Canada to find work when the children were toddlers; no one has heard from the mothers since. The grandmothers are growing more and more desperate about their ability to
support their charges. When the novel opens, there is a sudden and unexplained rift between Christopher and Stephanie following the return from Canada of a benefactor named Mr. Lashley, who lavishes gifts on Stephanie. Through a series of triumphs and catastrophes, Christopher and Stephanie determine their places in the world and
take control of their lives. Rich with the details of Bajan culture, from food preparation to political and financial affairs, from sexuality to spirituality, Independence is a fascinating window onto a little-known world, and a touching portrait of a journey to adulthood and the women who guide it.

About the Author: CECIL FOSTER was born in Barbados and immigrated to Canada in 1978. He has been a reporter for The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the Financial Post and has contributed to such magazines as Chatelaine, Maclean’s, Toronto Life, NOW and
Canadian Business. He has also worked for the CBC (in radio and television) and CTV and is a regular commentator in the national media. He has published five works of non-fiction and four novels, including his highly praised debut, No Man in the House.
Currently, Foster is a professor of sociology at the University of Guelph and is director of graduate studies in the department of transnational studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Independence is his first novel in almost twelve years.