International Network of People Affected by Vale: New Forms of Resistance to Global Mining Corporations

November 6, 2014 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Kaneff Tower 902

Danilo Chammas_ Global Mining_2What are the current challenges in resisting the logic and destructiveness of extractivism and its giant players like Vale? How effective are new forms of globalization from below like the International Network of People Affected by Vale?

DaniloChammas is a lawyer who has been active in Justice on the Rails, a member group of the International Network of People Affected by Vale, since its beginnings. He has represented the network in discussions with shareholders at Vale AGMs and was one of those identified by a Vale whistleblower in 2013 as having been a target of Vale spying. Dr.

Judith Marshall is an educator and activist. During her years in the global affairs department of the United Steelworkers, she was actively involved in building the network of People Affected by Vale, organizing severaltrinational exchanges involving activists from Mozambique, Canada, and Brazil.

Moderator: Shin Imai, Osgoode Hall, York University