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Quito, Ecuador I Photo courtesy of Ingrid Carlson


CERLAC Announcement Lists

CERLAC Announcement Lists: This list sends out regular announcements about CERLAC events, publications and news.

LACYORK Informational Listerserv

LACYORK Informational listserv on Latin America and the Caribbean: This is a moderated listserv managed by the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) at York University in Toronto, Canada.

LACYORK is intended as an electronic venue for information-sharing among scholars and practitioners interested in:

  • the culture, political economy, and human and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean and their diasporas;
  • inter-hemispheric relations;
  • globalization from a regional perspective;
  • social justice and human rights issues in the region.

On the list is posted:

  • current news from conventional and alternative sources on important regional events and issues;
  • information about new publications, bibliographic resources, useful websites, conferences, and other events (the latter mostly - but not exclusively - taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada);
  • employment, internship, study, and volunteer opportunities in the region (or in relevant organizations worldwide concerned with human rights, labour, the environment, women's issues and development);
  • urgent action appeals, petitions, etc.

Most postings are in English, though approximately 30-40% may be in Spanish or other languages of the region. The list bears an average of three to four postings per week, with each posting usually comprised of multiple items grouped together as "Announcements" or "News." Attachments and graphics are avoided. Subscribers may submit postings to the list, though submissions are screened for relevancy and redundancy by the moderator.

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