New link for blog that focuses on the Security Crisis in Mexico is a blog set up by CERLAC colleague Hepzibah Munoz Martinez (University of New Brunswick) focusing on the security crisis in Mexico.

The blog started in March 2012, to promote a speaking tour that was hosted in Universities across Canada (including at York, under the auspices of CERLAC), entitled No More Blood: Struggles for Peace and Human Rights in Mexico. This tour brought four Mexican human rights defenders to Canada to speak and discuss the worsening of public security and human rights crisis experienced in their country. The goal of the tour was to expand existing mobilization around human rights and social justice issues beyond Mexican borders to raise awareness of the complexity of Mexico's violence in Canada. Since the speaking tour, the organizers are continuing to work as a solidarity network in Canada to fight against the War on Mexico, and drug-related violence.

See also the initiative's Facebook page and Twitter account. If you want to receive updates directly to your e-mail address, just enter your e-mail address in the space provided by the blog.

Please feel free to send Hepzibah any short opinion piece that you think is relevant for the blog, or any links related to the security crisis in Mexico.