David Szablowski

Assistant Professor, Law & Society Program, York University.

His research concentrates on law and globalization, regulation and governance theory, transnational law, non-state regulation, global legal pluralism, extractive industries (oil, mining and gas projects), indigenous rights; Latin America, international financial institutions, multi-sited ethnography and fieldwork-based research in the global South. He is a founding member of the Extractive Industries Research Group (EIRG) at York, a network of researchers working on oil, mining and gas projects. He is the author of "Transnational Law and Local Struggles: Mining, Communities and the World Bank" (Hart Publishing, 2007). Professor Szablowski is currently engaged in a research project examining the operationalization of emerging transnational norms requiring informed consent or consultation for extractive industry development on indigenous territory.

Country(ies) or Region(s) of Interest: Latin America

Keywords: Governance , Globalization , Extractive Industries, Political Ecology, Legal pluralism