Stuart Schussler

Ph.D. Candidate in Environmental Studies, York University

Stuart has fifteen years experience participating in and researching Latin American social movements. His current participatory action research project, in collaboration with the Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN), looks at how North American student-activists who have travelled to Chiapas, Mexico to learn about autonomy from the Zapatistas are mobilizing these strategies in their organizing work back home. He was on staff at MSN for seven years, during which time he coordinated and taught on a university study abroad program in Mexico and did community organizing around housing and popular education in Chicago. He has a master's degree from the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales- Ecuador in International Relations, where he studied how Colombian refugees organize to create effective rights for themselves, despite being undocumented. The investigation, Entre Sospecha y Ciudadania, was published by Abya Yala press in 2009. He also volunteered as a human rights observer in the Intag region of Ecuador, where peasant communities are resisting open-pit copper mining.

Country(ies) or Region(s) of Specialization: Mexico

Keywords:  social movements, autonomy, Zapatismo, decolonization