Executive Committee and Sub-Committees

Church, San Francisco, Quito | Photo courtesy of C. B.

Executive Committee Members - Term 2018/2019

•   Alan Durston (CERLAC interim director, ex officio)
•   Camila Bonifaz (CERLAC coordinator, ex officio)
•   Laura Levin (faculty member-at-large; returning)
•   Danielle Robinson (faculty member-at-large; returning)
•   Carlota McAllister (faculty member-at-large; new)
•   Emiro Martinez-Osorio (faculty member-at-large; returning)
•   Mark Goodman (faculty member-at-large; new)
•   Miguel Gonzalez (faculty member-at-large; returning)
•   Anne Rubenstein (faculty member-at-large; new)
•   Maria Figueredo (faculty member-at-large; new)
•   Giselle Thompson (student representative; new)
•   Javier Garate (student representative; new)

CERLAC Sub-Committee Members:

Student Engagement: Giselle Thompson, Javier Garate

Events:  Laura Levin, Javier Garate

Membership and Outreach: Eduardo Canel, Harry Smaller, Anne Rubenstein

Awards Committee: Miguel Gonzalez, Nicola Short